Digital Content

The integration of Technology and Education promotes extraordinary learning experience.

Student-centered approach

Well designed learning materials aim at positive changes in students' learning attitude.

Topic-based knowledge

Topic-based knowledge supports students’ comprehensive acquisition.

The new learning style

Learning English
through Mathematics
and Science

Learning algebraic operations, geometric shapes and discovering daily phenomena in the surrounding world in a second language.

every time
and everywhere

We believe that the trend in Educational Technology will create a modern and decent education. With iSMART, users are given opportunities to learn every time and everywhere.

Our features


Creative learning materials

Learning by playing games,
watching cartoons and through mind maps...


Strengthening and widening
students’ knowledge

Tailor-made curriculum

Customized courses for various
ages and grade levels

Daily challenges

Forming the habit of constant learning by completing
different daily challenges

Study results tracking

Up-to-date smart learning reports
and leaderboards

Where future